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Considerations when mixing medications with Fruit, Yoghurt, Thickened Fluids


Don’t take your medicine with fruit juice! Dr Geraldine Moses BPharm, DClinPharm, AACPA

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Fruit Juices Block Common Drugs. Daniel J. DeNoon

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Fruit Juices as Perpetrators of Drug Interactions: The Role of Organic Anion–Transporting Polypeptides

Thickening agents used for dysphagia management: effect on bioavailability of water, medication and feelings of satiety. Julie AY Cichero


Medication alteration – Don’t Rush to Crush!


Don’t Rush to Crush – 2nd edition Australia’s most comprehensive guide to giving solid oral medicines to people who are unable to swallow.
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AJP article -Nurses Benefit From Don’t Rush To Crush Training. Megan Haggan

The Nurse Path – Don’t rush to crush. Ian Miller

Can I Crush It? Jill Huntley, Clinical Pharmacist


Medication Administration Guidelines


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Don’t Rush to Crush – 2nd edition – Australia’s most comprehensive guide to giving solid oral medicines to people who are unable to swallow. The Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia, 2015, Australian Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook, 2nd ed