What is Gloup?

Gloup is the first purpose designed medication lubricant that makes taking tablets and medications a more pleasant and safer experience for the patient. Gloup makes tablets, capsules, vitamins and powders easier to swallow.




Don’t Rush to Crush

Did you know that crushing tablets, opening capsules or altering medication may have an adverse effect on how your medication works? 

Or do you mix substances with your medication to help you swallow?

If you mix food substances such as yoghurt, fruit puree or jam with your medication, be aware that it may impact the efficacy, side effect profile and absorption of the medication.



Do you suffer from Dysphagia

Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe difficulty in swallowing. For a lot of people experiencing swallowing difficulties, the intake of medications can be particularly challenging. Using a purpose designed medication lubricant such as Gloup may make tablets and vitamins easier to swallow.


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